Sunday, October 7, 2007

hong kong eateries and waraku II

was slacking at home the whole afternoon, to do my travel itinerary. Got so drowsy after a while, so i went for a nap in aircon comfort. Then my nose choked up and got back to compiling my findings from Hardwarezone's Hong Kong Trip...Hooray!!~~ thread.

no joke, i read all 2483 posts, writing down important information on the makan and shopping as i read. -.-"

the list is as follows, for the eateries - addresses removed since it's quite messy to include them:

- 7-Eleven: Yes! Their fishballs are nice it seems!
- Ah Po Beancurd: tried and tested from Tai-O (Lantau Island)
- Cafe de Coral: their staple fast food all over HK
- Cafe Rendezous: zichar near Citygate outlets (Lantau Island)
- Eggtarts: at Lyndhurst Building (Central)
- Golden Bauhinia: chinese cuisine at HKCEC (Wan Chai)
- Ho Choi: dimsum near Yau Ma Tei MTR exit A2 (YMT)
- Itamae Sushi: long queues for this restaurant chain in Tung Lo Wan, TST and Mongkok
- KFC: yes! their breakfast sets look really fantastic
- Krispy Kreme: nice doughnuts
- Lin Heung Tea House: another dimsum offer along Wellington St (Central)
- London Restaurant: dimsum also, in Yau Ma Tei (YMT)
- Mak's Noodles: recommended by angmoh, Wellington St (Central)
- Man Jiang Hong: Sichuan cuisine, Hennessy Road (Tung Lo Wan)
- Maxim: dimsum it seems. Got information i couldn't decipher from net
- Q Restaurant: dan dan noodles (Wan Chai)
- Sweet Dynasty: chinese cuisine, highly recommended (TST)
- Sweet House: nice treats while scaling the island (Lamma Island)
- Xin Ji Claypot: highly regarded claypot rice in Temple Street (Jordan)
- Xu Liu Shan/Hui Lau Shan: the irresistible mango based desserts almost everywhere
- Yee Shun Milk Co: apparently the steam milk is wonderful (Tung Lo Wan)
- Yung Kee: reservations needed weeks in advance. Pigeon/goose specialties.

for the shopping and wholesales? Loads!!! Not yet compiled fully!!!

tantalizing right? I make sure my itinerary covers these during breakfast, morning tea break, lunch, afternoon tea break, dinner and supper!!! =)

wenqun called after that. Just coincidentally that mich couldn't meet me, so i went off to meet him and his gal, and Shupei for dinner:

Testing out my camera

Beancurd with live onion strips

I ordered hotate KMNB!

Went NTU for a spin

shupei got a U600 too! And in white also!! But it's strange that her camera seem to be not as good as mine. Everything's the same except for the firmware; hers is later at DXGH1. Mine is at DXGE1. And she bought it at only $298, mine $508 without any contract though. Still kinda heart pain to see the price drop drop drop.

after waraku @ east coast, we went ikea because i wanted to get a new shelf. Then the pair wanted their favourite meatballs, but i couldn't have any because of the beef mixed with pork. Argh.

and something odd with NTU is that i see dorms more than instructional facilities. And it's equally hilly too. It's near to some camps, so there are lots of those red-skeleton head signs. Pretty eerie in the night.

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