Saturday, October 6, 2007


yesterday was the best friday since sch started. Because there weren't any project meetings for the first time after classes!

i spent some time fixing code that was not mine and then got quite fedup. Decided to tighten the grip on members who are practising bad coding habits. Big nono.

after the lecture zhangwei drove steve and me to Novena area, where the former could go home easily (he's at Whampoa) and i could go to Ubi more quickly too. Saw this xl driver of a Volvo S80 SDT 6969 M, where he stared into our car for a good 10 seconds after we went into his lane.

it's the problem of affluent Singaporeans whose social attitudes don't match their wealth. Rich in terms of financials, however bankrupt in terms of etiquette.

Never mind, i shan't spend my time getting angry on that driver. Went to Ubi to replace the heatsink of my X800GT video cards, then went to meet HK.

As usual nice decor

He ordered this... yum

Maybe i was full before this meal. Not so nice...

Desserts galore

Cranberry ice cream cake

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