Friday, June 22, 2007

new phone!

after a year and 4 months user of O2's Xda Atom, i decided to relieve its phone function and go back to a consumer phone. A compelling reason was software conflicts in my Windows Mobile that caused my phone to be intermittent. Another reason was that the battery is deteriorating. Not good for work since students will be calling me frequently.

and i decided on the Samsung U600 earlier! And i mentioned the phone collection was on Wednesday, and so the mini cockup came.

- just as i was going to continue, a power outage shutdown my entire home, argh. -

i ordered the phone for $530, from WhyMobile online. Shortly after, Mobilesquare changed their price to $508 (O.O!!). I thought since i've ordered from WM, if their service is ok then i won't mind the difference.

The WM guy told me i could collect the day before (i couldn't make it though) or on Wed itself, after 1.30pm. The website stated the opening hours as 1-9pm. When i reached there at 2pm, the darn shop was closed. I tried to be more patient and waited till 2.30pm, the freaking shop was still shut.

i was pissed as i took time off from the lab-swapping chaos in NYP and this shop played me out. Went down a level and ordered from Mobilesquare instead, and got HK (thanks bro) to collect during dinner time. Had a makan with him at S11 AMK and took 169 home.

This is the 1st purchase from MS, however i nearly bought my Atom from MS too.
Too bad MS didn't offer credit card installment.

The U600 box. Too simple and small...!

Aka Ultra II Edition 10.9, it's only slightly thicker than 1cm.

another plus of the phone is the supplied software, Samsung PC Studio. The Sync feature allowed me to import all my contacts from Outlook, plus appointments, tasks, notes etc. Strange, the appointments just couldn't get sync-ed.

i was tired but played with the phone into wee hours. And my next trouble started.

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