Wednesday, June 20, 2007

lots of stuff in my head

let's look beyond my loanshark role that i angrily adopted yesterday.

- blog-sphere -
i chanced upon somebody's blog. Didn't know that she blogs, and for 3 years already! She mentioned stuff like "he" blah-blah... but who is this he? Don't get me wrong, i've got no special feelings for her, but she has been linked symbolically via my ex and Wenqun. Anyway, a good read.

i've received some comments that my bro looks older than me. But hey, he's an improved product because he's more sociable (i have those AP look sometimes). Going by his personality, he should excel in the army. The only quirk is that he spends, thus savings are definitely recommended.

- work -
my cash register is still ringing for the 3rd week running. Went to sch with Jac this morning, it's better since i get to wake up on time. For many motivating reasons =) hope she recovers fast and well... no more chilli crabs!!!

there are lots of work to be done this week, hope with combined efforts the outstanding task can be completed.

my manager wanted to shift my desk to the Helpdesk room, to make way for additional staff that are joining our Dept. I was like omg! Isn't that full time helpdesk? I pray this won't happen soon. I rather not have a desk.

- army -
i read with sadness that Master Warrant Mike Gee has passed away due to cancer recently. His last appointment was RSM of 3 SIB. Although i have no direct links with him, i believe his men has seen him in a positive light. His sheer determination to stay alive for as long as possible is much respected by me (i heard of the sudden hospitalization since CNY 2006, through my boss)

now comes the shitty part. There's another silent mob coming Oct! Once again i'm appointed tio arrowed to be my detachment's 2IC. My field pack and SBO are gathering dust, and i have to clean and prepare them again. Roarrr.

- moolah -
i have ordered a Samsung U600 white, and expecting to collect later! But i've to get a microSD card, plus a Martin Fields screen protector for the phone, setting me back by another $50.

My dearest HK has managed to source for the cheapest SIA flight to HK in Dec, thanks to Airfares/Misa Travel! It's $520 per pax, after the relevant fuel and airport taxes. Not bad i thought, spend $150 more than a Jetstar flight and enjoy in-flight entertainment plus a meal onboard. Of course, the flight timings are good; depart in the morning and home-sweet-home at 10+ PM. Just nice to squeeze the last day dry in HK, but still able to avoid mid-night surcharges, or even take a bus home back in Changi.

looking forward to going to Airfares' office to book this weekend. And accumulate UNI$ for this mega bill. Good night folks.

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