Monday, June 18, 2007

what's up this weekend, doc?

after my bro went to Hell, the house is so quiet. He was always at home playing his AuditionSEA, now no more.

anyway, the weekend was a lazy one. Saturday's lunch was spent with Eze and GY at Sakae CWP. Didn't really plan for it, but i felt i wanted to have some japanese food and called them. Then, we walked around to look at phones, in particular the Samsung U600 that i'm going to get soon.

the CWP's Samsung shop sells the full set for $598 and i can choose from garnet red and black, apart from the default copper and sapphire blue that telcos only have. But $598 is too steep! Mobile Square sells it for $518 with the same extra colors, still no white either. Argh...

dinner was ultra late, because i decided to wait for Wenqun. There again, he started to talk about what happened recently. Seriously bro, it's time to put away your thoughts (and any negative impressions of Web 2.0) and move on.

sunday was spent on updating my Windows XP installation CD. Why update; it's to include the latest security/critical updates since service pack 2, plus inclusion of IE 7 and WMP 11. So when i install XP, these stuff goes into the system without me going to Windows Update (until new updates appear).

there were almost 100 updates since SP2! I have a feeling SP3 will be out soon.

went to Simlim to get the power supply for my colleague's computer. It's a Seventeam PSU, which i've got for the first time. Looks ok, hope it works well.

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