Saturday, June 16, 2007

bro's conscription to SAF

yesterday was ZQ's enlistment day. By chance i knew the Commanding Officer of School 2 (LTC Tang Kar Kee) when i served my Commander in Jurong Camp. So my bro and myself got aware of the company in advance - Mohawk!

4 years ago during my BMT, Mohawk is xiong-est of all! As if 5.00am reveille is not early enough, Mohawk kills the competition (duh) by waking up at 4.30am! This time round, one of the spec told me Mohawk toned down already. However looking at seriousness of OC and 2IC's face, i doubt not.

the programme was very much the same, even down to the tables being positioned at SAF Ferry Terminal (Changi). We were transported via private buses from Pasir Ris MRT to SFT, then took the Penguin passenger crafts over to Tekong. They should have continued to use SMRT/TIBS buses for better comfort... oh well.

Penguin Merbau, i think it's not the usual craft assigned to Tekong

I was looking like him going to Hell on 22 Aug 2003

On the left of Tekong's Ferry Terminal - leftwards is a starting point for route marches

The right of the FT, BMTC School 2

once we reached, bro was separated from us for administrative work. Like surrendering of pink IC, and instructions on how to behave during oath taking. My parents and I went around touring the SOC ground, TMC, stadium, swimming pool and finally Mohawk bunk itself.

I don't know it's luck or what, the lift broke down while sending us up to 2nd floor. It's not surprising, since the lift is only used by perm staff, not by recruits.

the bunk was clean. My mum commented it's so clean, no dust! Of course no dust, because recruits clean it THEMSELVES, where got contract cleaners? Next was a mini lecture by a spec (have those xialan kind of look and tone) on the SAF field pack items, then we proceeded to the main auditorium for briefing by LTC Tang and the oath.

everything was so familiar. Enlistees have already been instructed to face the front of the screen, fists clenched on the knee, sit up straight. It's so SAF.

LTC Tang was very interactive, which was a very warm gesture from his rank and appointment. However it's a fact that many assurance made during the visit is often over comforting. The ultimate shit can only be felt by recruits themselves.

bro got to eat with us at School 2's cookhouse, followed by a slow walk towards the Tekong Ferry Terminal. By then, it was time for us to part, naturally. My mum was so emotional, probably more than my time.

Meal at School 2 cookhouse

The BEST food served at Tekong - the rest cannot be shown to visitors =x

I finally had the chance to visit my ex-coy, Raven!

Scorpion coy - warrant officer coy, so life is better compared to the rest

Whiskey coy

The sending off

Headquarters BMTC

School 2

Speedy Gonzales at the foreground - took that with my commander in 2005

See the rainbow?

my usual sentence - it's tough, it's tiring, but every Singaporean man goes through this successfully. furthermore, it's only 4+9 weeks compared to 6+12 weeks during my time. And pass IPPT, disrupt for 2 weeks.

Good luck

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