Thursday, June 14, 2007

brother's graduation, bad barber

my brother has finally graduated! For the record, he has spent his past 3 years at Ngee Ann Poly, the Diploma in Electronic and Computer Engineering (ECE).

i've not attended any graduation ceremonies since my own nearly 4 years ago, so i thought i would go for his. And darn, it was in the morning and i was expected to be seated by 8.45am. And it started on time, surprisingly. Gee, the National Anthem was played over the 2 projection screens installed in the Convention Hall. The next 1-2 hours were really boring as i saw hundreds of graduates receiving their diploma. As usual, there were some jokers who made the ceremony more interesting.

I look so short. :(

the rest of Tuesday was spent on wiping my nose (a leaking water tap) every minute or 2. And installing some new components on a colleague's PC. Oh man, it was so badly built that i was cursing about it the whole night.

and Wednesday was dutifully spent supervising a pair of movers carrying old PCs to another school, and moving new ones from our storage. The finale came when i had to enter the HOT store to record down some ultra old hardware. The mover themselves got rather impatient and simply tossed them around. Early dinner was with Vincent and Sabrina, and oh Tammi looked great at Koufu. Hah...

the QB House barber messed up my hair! Cut until so short, but can only blame on myself! I fell asleep during the haircut =x

it's time to split my handphone out from my PDA. Getting really impatient when smses get stuck at Outbox, needing a phone on/off toggle. Not to mention the ultra pooooor battery life.

So.... Samsung U600? Sony Ericsson K810? or LG Chocolate or Shine?

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