Tuesday, June 12, 2007

half screwed day, SIT Level 6 revamp

my Outlook calendar failed on me again! The entry that was supposed to remind me to cover Vincent's helpdesk for 1hr at 12.30PM vanished after synchronisation many days back. Darn Microsoft... but guess i gotta be more careful not to synchronise when Outlook is still downloading mails etc.

spent $10 on a cab, and the driver used the longer route out of Woodlands (BKE-->SLE-->Lentor instead of SLE-->Lentor). argh.

then i was burning backlogs of CDs when i used the wrong image on 1 disc. bummmer.

i'm quite a glutton today; lunch was chicken rice with extra rice and egg and mcd's ice lemon tea (my favorite), 2hrs later was early dinner, tomyam seafood soup. I've just finished a bowl of korean noodles as supper. oops.

bro is enlisting this coming Friday, and there's a rush in line with this important event. Family dinner, teaching him some basic stuff like folding a smart 4, black-taping a SBO (it's obsolete though), relating my past experience of field camp, range and grenade throwing etc. Finally the visit to Tekong... which i'm looking to, too.

now, for the ex-NYP-SIT peeps who are reading:

Remember the empty and open air compound at Blk L level 6? It's now covered up.
This is a view from the club room corridor

Many labs, teaching rooms being setup.
There is also a staff area, which is made up of the former L.619 to L.625 TRs.

Setting up of power suplies, network infrastructure, etc. The whitish floorboard... gets dirty easily.

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