Monday, June 11, 2007

housekeeping... and kopi

let's look at some stuff i've managed to do:

- Clean my network comms box. It's a box made up of plastic-cardboard, with 3 filtered inlets and 1 80mm fan exhaust. It houses my Thomson Speedtouch and HP JetDirect print server, actively cooled for whole year round operation. My network downtime is only 2-3 hours, factoring out SingNet's routine maintenance.

My wireless access point is now near my window, so i can use the Net at 211 kopitiam

- Test my spares of SDRAMs for sale. Finally!!! However, 1 stick needs to be changed.

- Sort out my computer cupboard, as my father constructed a new cupboard. Threw out some old stuff.

- Washed my room fan

- Cleaned living room windows

- Topped up fish tank water

as i was terribly bored, i went to the airport hoping to use the Internet there (home was HOT). I always like to go to the airport for some sentimental reason. Maybe to most it's only a place to fly in/out, but it's more than that for me. The airport is a place for pondering and self reflection in the quiet atmosphere.

the holiday period is tarnishing the tranquility of the airport though.

and Wireless@SG seems to have vanished in the airport! Only ACCESS-StarHub is detected, which requires a paid account. Smart huh, the government always want to earn money. Since HKIA can provide free Internet through PCCW, why can't our IDA use their collective brain power to realise the market power? Money, money, money. 66.6% voted for our MIW, no choice.

met up with Wenqun to have a cup of coffee, since we have not caught up for some time. He told me some of the happenings in his life, which is not appropriate to be published since it's a private matter (for himself and his r/s). While i believe in providing a listening ear, the guiding hands in the r/s is still the only 2 of them.

however there is a problem which must be clarified, in case the above is grossly misinterpreted.

I certainly do not want to be pictured as Mr Bad Man, who goes around tearing my best friend's r/s apart just because my last r/s failed (or so from THAT perspective). What is the problem of him pouring out words of happiness and sorrow to a comfortable person? Don't everyone do it too, except with another person or object? Different individuals have different ways of relieving their burden.

It's unfortunate that i'm being pulled into this awkward situation. And i now know why my friendster had a -1, because of this. sheesh.

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