Sunday, June 10, 2007


yesterday was soooo lazy. slept from 11pm to 11am, and since i had some time i quickly formatted Moses' older PC. i'm trying to clear as much as these stuff so i can concentrate on others.

next was to meet hadassah at Parkview Square, the sinister (or majestic?) building behind Raffles Hospital. There was a small miscomm as i was happily waiting at the lift lobby, but she was at the bus stop =x

I'm here for many times, yet still amazed by the intricate decor

There's a wine bar at the ground level.
At the left is a storage column (i think) that extends all the way to the ceiling, for wine.

P&C, of course. lol

thereafter, went to simlim (AGAIN) to look around. Also met up with YX since he was nearby. He has the intention to install watercooling for his rig, plus a couple of casing selections. I was okay to the idea, however will not spend on these personally. So many years in simlim, must be immune to the 'poison' costing hundreds of $$$!!!

dinner was with HK and Patrick, whom just went for their IPT at Khatib Camp. Did some minor shopping at AMK Hub, and hey i saw Grace Koh! Pretty short in person, but has the gal next door look =x

Camera shy ar

seriously need to sit down and think of year end travel. There's no time this week though, as my bro is enlisting into NS this coming friday.

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