Friday, June 8, 2007

revamped bloggies section

as i read StickGal before i slept last night, i thought my links to fellow blogs are increasing. So, why not create a icon for each blog i link to? However HK (a renowned digital media designer, hehe) felt that there's a usability issue. Any views from the floor?

nothing much happened at work, except for 3 circuit break trips that knocked out half of 2 labs and 1 row of project rooms. Maybe NYP really didn't pay its power bill for this month =x

the 2nd rig i've built last week is now finally deployed over at Moses' place. He dropped over the earlier rig i built in 2006 at my place, for maintenance.

his Mazda 3 is really clean, to the point of being new! I'm so paiseh for leaving fingerprints on his door knob =x

also discussed some stuff over dinner at Vista Point, such as floating the idea of me buying a bigger flat for my parents and possibly another flat after marriage. In some investment gurus and my own opinion, i'd love to own a property (HDB or private) as soon as i can, so that i can service housing loans early. In this way, when my retirement years are looming, i can consider downgrading to a smaller apartment, selling the property for a hefty profit. But there are some considerations:

- I'll be taking over the current housing loan from father in few years time
- Housing concerns, like renovation costs, distance to sister's place, HDB/condo
- Other short term concerns, such as existing study loans and plan to purchase a car

headache. But being proactive is always better than being reactive.

i've 3+1 caring friends who buzzed me after reading my msn's personal message. Thank you :)

some snippets from MSN, before ending this entry:

Me: her character is close to mine - she appears pessimistic yet confident inside, and once her mind is set it's hard to change...


J: we get her a 8000 piece one [jigsaw puzzle]

Me: u tink buy sugar ar. 8000 pieces

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