Friday, June 1, 2007

assembled 2 rigs

dedicated this vesak day to install 2 rigs, that Moses and YX have been waiting for. Took me 6-7 hours for both, with more effort spent on YX, due to wiring constraints.

some 不要脸 advertising first -

Why get Zhiming to assemble a PC for you? Because he believes in choosing only quality, price-reasonable and performance parts! Rigs installed as far back in 2002 are still functioning! However such goodness are only limited to his friends!

the first i done is Mr Moses' rig:

The Core 2 Duo E6420 chip (background) and its heatsink fan

It's my first time installing a LGA775 chip, no joke!

Wiring up the fans, power supply and tying them nicely

The end state - Coolermaster Centurion 541 casing

started work on YX's at around 6 PM.

iCute 0302SL casing, selected by owner

The problem with iCute casings lies in the fans - need to recrimp with 3pin fan connector

I had the pleasure of installing the most expensive and funkiest motherboard in the yet unannounced Intel P35 series
Look at the rollercoaster heatpipes and fins!

This is my best effort. Still kinda messy

The side outlook when powered up. Bling bling!

The SilverStone fanbus and CM power supply consumption meter

Ah Beng casing. lol

Have just finished software installation for Moses' rig. It is a long day...

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