Thursday, May 31, 2007

window shopping

since i was free after work, i went with Jac to go obtain prices for a list of electrical items. What's worse, it was her friend's job but she offered to do it since the former was busy. I thought it was too nice of her, or maybe she thought that the job was rather simple.

the next thing we realised, we were looking at prices for 3 hours! From Northpoint's Harvey Norman we went to AMK Hub's Fairprice Xtra and nearby Courts! Heard odd sounding brands like Aerogaz? Tecno? Most of the time we found the brand, but it was not the type (rice cooker, hair dryer, electric airpot, you name it we have it). Soon we decided to play cheat =x

We saw this special TMD! electric bowl, so i had to take a shot.

i had my dinner at civic's mac, while she was trying hard to prepare the list and forward to her friend.

Celeste, if you're reading - top up your SIM card ok! Otherwise we cannot find you for lunch! :)

what can i do tomorrow? 2 outstanding computer assemblies... plus PC Show.

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