Wednesday, May 30, 2007

lab servicing prep and aircon servicing

tuesday was a day of gossips. Cos my lunch with somebody got 'discovered' by her classmates and my colleagues... omg. Melvin and Celine couldn't stop grinning....omg!

i was in my office the whole afternoon fishing out spare parts for my Saturday duty, since the last duty ended up quite nightmarish. Extracted all the faulty stuff like shorted power supplies (thanks to students who happily set them to 115V, one even caused the lab to blackout), hard drives etc. Going to prepare hard drives for deployment tomorrow. Hope weekend duty will be more enjoyable!

while shopping at CWP, i saw Mj. Fated to meet or what? I don't know. I was almost at a loss for words. Was dead tired when i reached home, and went straight for the sofa for a nap. Then met up with eze for a late dinner, and i was busy cleaning my aircon before this post.

i bought a chemical cleaner called Concaire at HomeFix, cost me $49.00 for about 4-5 uses! I thought i should give it a try, since i use my aircon frequently during summer period and the dust just won't come off using a vacuum cleaner (condensation + dust = grime). After spraying the chemical agent onto the fins, i wondered for awhile before realising that the agent leaked straight into the PVC leakage pipe. Scared me cos' i was thinking why the aircon was still so dry after spraying 300ml!

i must say, it really works. Together with the 3M Filtrete, i hope my sinus will improve instead of worsening after sleeping with aircon turned on.

Free sprayer bottle with the 2litre bottle -
Considering 4-5 uses over a year or so, it's cheaper than paying $100-200 for quarterly aircon service.

My Mitsubishi Electric StarMex - i did lots of homework on aircon selection

I went as far as to remove the front panel... as easy as removing a computer's cover

The bare fins and blower beneath

Look at the dirt from the blower!

For peeps who own or uses aircon at home, do note your aircon may look clean, but it's not clean! Besides using additional carbon/electrostatic filters to keep out dust in the fins and blower, consider signing up "service contracts" with major players like Gain City to perform chemical cleaning and outdoor unit servicing. It's quite worth it especially if you want to keep your aircon working at maximum efficiency and energy savings.

A good read and reference for to-be aircon owners will be here.

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