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myself (forever in draft)

i was born in the November 22nd, 1983 at Singapore's KK Hospital. Despite being born into a humble and poor family, i'm fortunate to have responsible parents, whom hail from Johor - towns of Kluang and Pengerang. Thanks to my sister, i have 2 nieces and a nephew to play with. My brother is serving NS currently.

Primary School Years
Primary school life in Bedok South Primary School (now Bedok Green) was very simple - i particularly remembered my Primary 5 and 6 form teacher, Mrs Ng YL for guidance in PSLE. Different from many others, i enjoyed reading science non-fictional books and was subsequently a librarian.

Secondary School Years
In Si Ling Secondary School, i believe that i was a very normal and low-profile student. Towards the 'O' levels, i suffered a decline in results because of lesser time to study, and the abysmal A.Maths result pulled me down - an F9 at the end of Sec 3 for that! CCAs (then ECAs) i participated were the Library and Student Council. In my graduating year, i was promoted to Head Librarian and Head Councillor. As these positions are largely ceremonial in nature, i was more thankful for having great assistants during that time.

Polytechnic Years
I went on to study Business Informatics (DBI) at NYP in 2000. Due to a disciplined start, i obtained extremely good results and clinched the top 5% spot in the cohort. Good moments were spent with my course-mates, and further inspirations from some lecturers and final year project supervisor. Misses Food Junction's laksa, which i ate every morning from Year 1 to 3, as i waited for his lessons to start.

My classmates

YEP in Cambodia - NYP's first overseas CIP

Army Life
I was posted to Signals Institute as an Information Systems Signaller. With the goodwill support from his peers and interest in computers, i was awarded the Best Trainee of the batch. As by nature i attempt to do everything well; this caused some conflicts during my stay in 3rd Signal Battalion. The situation was made worse by the culture of 'offs' - i was merely trying to solve problems and not really after that. Apart from some unpleasant background 'noises', i learnt to handle such situations since. By a stroke of luck, i was given a chance to serve Commander 3rd Division from November 2004 to December 2005. As the Commander's runner, i was exposed to the administrative duties at an army division level. As the Commander was the Chairman of NDP 2005 Executive Committee, i also had the chance to be part of the backstage; attending media briefs while following the Commander for exercise visits and some key division activities. In that brief period, i learnt many intangible lessons, which was crucial in dealing with human relations.


Signal Institute Dinner

The amount of dirty politics - NS has their fair share
(note: someone else did this, don't know who)

NDP 2005 - Rui-en
Current movements
Since my ORD, i have been part-timing at his alma mater, as a Technical Support Officer. I'm also reading Bachelor of Computing at NUS School of Computing, and expects to graduate by end of 2008.

FOC in 2006

His interests
Interests wise, I enjoy hardware computing - i'm well known to remember every nook and cranny of Sim Lim Square and Funan! As well as prices of common computer components at my fingertips.

I'm also an enthusiast of Singapore Buses, particularly in SMRT Buses' Mercedes Benz fleet - the MB0405 12m buses (TIB 425R - 561E, 572Z - 634D, 725A - 832Z) and MB0405G Habit/Volgren buses (TIB 1025E - 1247G). In the area of commuter safety, i lobbied for SMRT to lock up the red coloured caps near the door control panel of the articulated bus, which when locked will prevent the bus from moving unless the service doors are fully closed. Being a Friend of SMRT, i'm also extended my interest in the train operations as well, such as providing feedback for the new STARiS system SMRT Trains is introducing to their rolling stock in 2008.

Volgren EvoBus MB0405G

Travelling is getting an increasing focus and budget, as i like to understand the culture of people outside Singapore. Through my blog, i regained interest in writing, and hope to use it to inform friends of my life happenings in the near future.

May 2006 - Nanjing

Jan 2007 - Penang

March 2007 - Hong Kong

of recent, i've picked up a new past-time - recreational kayaking. My current skill standard is at 1-star. Hope to progress to 2-star in 2008.

Career expectations
A balance between technical and business domain competency will be what i'll strive for in personal career. I won't mind starting low, because of the belief of working from the ground up.

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