Thursday, June 7, 2007

usual happenings

tuesday was largely usual, and as i went home early i went for a jog around the same track i selected few weeks ago. Also met up with YX to take back something, and had a short chit chat. Somehow, i don't have the "extra" interest in studies anymore. I would want good results (who doesn't want!?), but it is just not as important as in the past, at least for sometime to come.

And boom, i was off to bed before midnight due to fatigue!

wednesday was a bit more special, as i woke up earlier to meet up with someone to go school. It is special for me as i've not woken up this early for a loooong time (don't 想太多 ok!) since my last term ended. As i was doing night shift, i had to miss Guowei's birthday dinner (sorry). But i got to meet the pack at 211 kopitiam just now, so it wasn't too bad. Wenqun was discussing on going for a short holiday next month, which i have already committed to work and preparation for my new term. Hopefully i can get things started =x

meanwhile, my bro has gotten the pair of earphones i wanted, Creative EP635. It isolates noise better than my Cresyn E630, but i can hear my own pounding when i walk -.-"!!

Yumyum, my iRiver with its new companion

i came across another interesting blog, Bitter StickGirl. It is special because there are no words, only pictures, and the classical a picture tells a thousand words holds much water here. She is very detailed i feel, as she differentiates the guys in her life by the number of hair strands! I can find myself in her shoes in many of her sketches, which made this blog my must read.

Will i ever meet my Miss Right? Will i ever fall in love again?

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