Wednesday, May 23, 2007

shopping and jogging

went to NYP to do the usual CD burning and met Celeste to help her friend install the .NET compiler, then met Jac to think of gifts to buy for her 30 yo and 40 yo colleagues. See someone spend is of course fun... hehe. Any suggestion on where to get Liverpool stuff anyone?

after i got home, i planned to have my dinner. however, i decided to have a short jog since i haven't been exercising my body since the HK half marathon. the route i selected was rather short (i thought) and tough since it meanders through Marsiling Hill. after my dupper (dinner+supper), i pieced the maps and checked the distance through Streetdirectory. it measured 5.2km! not that much what?!

i'm really worried for my IPPT, because the window is 6 months away.

should i go for 8 times IPT (exempted RT if i fail) or 24 times RT (if i fail)? will i fail!? any advice bros?

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