Tuesday, June 5, 2007

tep and kopitiam horror

went to bugis to lunch with Jac, who was helping her friend with the coming fair at atrium. Getting attached to TEP during term time isn't a good thing after all. So much of stuff to do...

managed to squeeze in a quick visit to RWI for the routine service, crashing into office for duty at 5.01pm *grin*

i suspect i have some allergy to limeade, cos' i drank calamasi (that pokka drink) on friday and got a headache. After drinking Mcd's limeade today, headache came again! But GY said it's probably due to stress. Yes indeed, have a 3 week long task to do - transfer 2 labs worth of workstations to another school, plus upgrading of a lab.

now to the kopitiam horror. GY, eze and me had some usual makan at my 211 Kopitiam. It was usual until i mentioned that the kopitiam had seen some fights last month. Let me recall:

- A man went to the rack of empty beer bottles and ran around chasing another man. Lots of glass smashing around while we calmly drank our tea-o, tea-c and what not.

- A group of men wanted to find trouble with a couple who was driving along Marsiling Lane. The couple stopped, came out and nearly fought. 2 police cars came, and the pack of men suddenly ball-shrank and walked into my block. The couple jio-ed their fellow Mat Ali who was shouting and walking around taunting the men to appear. I think this incident was real bo-liao (no prizes for guessing which party was so bored)

- A man was furiously punching his fellow race at the nearby bus stop, and was quickly separated. But he returned chasing for his aggressor, and left his mother or some relative chasing after him.

so i mentioned today was rather usual. But i noticed two men getting too close and touching each other, that i told both of my friends about my bad omen. They almost laughed it off, but sure enough the 2 men started to fight after 5 minutes. Then 1 of them ran into the chicken rice stall (closed), and brandished his new found chopper. Next thing you can guess lah, he took the fight towards the road and swung it few times at his opponent. The auntie at another table was like

"Eh, zao liao lah." Her husband was as cool as a cucumber and replied "zao simi zao, zeh lah."

After some persuasion, the guy dropped the chopper into the drain and 'retreated' into my block. AGAIN. After the smoke dispersed, the police car finally came. Then, an ambulance came too (!). We thought the policemen will let the matter go, since it appeared to be minor, but a senior ranking person came (GY said it's a station inspector). And i found one of the men downstairs my block now. Good luck to the chopper fellow.

I strongly want my MP to consider install a camera at the 6 blocks (incl mine) that are going through upgrading, plus 1 capturing a full view of the kopitiam. Now that the stupid MUP hoardings are up, committing a crime is so easy. When shit happens, just retreat into my block. wtf?!

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