Sunday, June 3, 2007


it baffles me, as today was a day i marked in my calendar and coincidently i had to go to her place to install one of the rigs i've done.

looking back, what has changed in the past year? Too much, possibly overwhelming that i wished nothing could have happened in the first place. Looking on the bright side, while i lost something i might have gained something else as well, not too bad. Things have already been set in stone as she has moved on, thus i am moving on, nothing can turn the clock back... that chapter of my life is now closed.

now, back to my dailies. Kill you ar, Michelle for calling me a PC freak. Took my own sweet time to reach Suntec to join HK, ABH and Kenny, followed by the usual coffee at PCC. The entire night was spent on patching up my server, which had many vulnerabilities.

of course Sunday was on the above PC installation. We discovered that the Canon MP530 AIO had a defective scanner, which i have to admire YX for his gungho attitude at the Canon booth. I must learn some skills from him... dinner was with him and his uncles at Geylang Lor 9.

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