Friday, June 22, 2007


the trouble was that i overslept, and Jac had to ring me at 7.57am =x

however, i was dead tired the night before and hands badly strained. My wrists were rather painful from opening and closing of floorboards, lifting of computer furniture. Took a cab to school, and worked into the night (change of shift).

bought a towel from her booth! Since mine is already mouldy. ooops. =)

now the ranting part. It's understandable that the 2 labs are swapped (fyi, it's really swap - the exact arrangement is brought over to the other lab and vice versa) for the commercial training in July. I even thought of the way to minimise the work, by carrying the tables with cable installation intact.

however it's not understandable when abrupt changes occur.

the tables and computers exchanged rooms, layout and floorboard positions set. Suddenly some higher management came in and discussed about a plan that wasn't mentioned at our technical level before.

now the technical implication. It involves a possible change of layout, relocation of servers, installation of an additional network connectivity PER workstation, plus multiple virtual OS installation for that plan. Tell me, who in the world can do these, especially the lab is reopening for normal classes next week? Tempers of course got frayed, and my colleague got so angry that he didn't mince his words over a phone discussion with manager.

should we rename ourselves as lego builders?

i told my colleagues; the only permanent thing in our work is CHANGE. We have been handling changes well so far. However, change should be coming at a measured and predictable pace. Such plans and possible hiccups should have been floated and carefully documented in the beginning.

i understand TSOs are nowhere in the school's staff hierarchy, but we provide the technical know-how to ensure computing facilities are put to best use. Our domain knowledge and familiarity with NYP's culture is stronger than any outsourcing companies out there, which can screw up operations if planning is ad-hoc (this is the case now). Then why information flow is stuck at management? Confidence in our technical abilities, or simply you-must-do-or-else-you-die?

going by the trend of such movements (there's even a plan to swap 2 particular LEVELS in the block), i predict the school will be in a totally different state by the end of 2008 or 2009.

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