Monday, October 8, 2007

misc tasks

today was another restless day. As usual my nieces and nephew came, so i shown some Doraemon snippets from Youtube. Quite fun and entertaining actually to have them here. I became more attentive than them =x

doraemon was my favourite (one and only) during my childhood. Remember buying lots of doraemon comic books and reading the graphics because i couldn't understand the words. Even as i started learning stuff in primary school, i didn't bother to read the words because it became an acquired habit =x

felt a bit of headache but still went to cwp. Let's see the stuff i done:

- got my favourite drink, mac's ilt for my headache *brainfreeze*
- topped up mum's ezlink
- purchased popular card using citi clear card's voucher, for sis to buy assessment books
- laminated bro's diploma (FINALLY!)
- bought 3M filtrete, osram light bulb for toilet and batteries for mouse
- haircut

my iron caused a short circuit and subsequently my house blacked out thrice. And now my server's hard disks are corrupted - unable to boot into Windows anymore. =( going to plug in my emergency hard disk and reinstall next weekend... sigh.

after dinner, did some chemical cleaning to my aircon (ting mine is also a Mitsubishi STARMEX ok!!) before fitting on the 3M filtrete.

booked 7 nights of stay with Ah Shan Hostel through Paypal! HKD350/night for a triple room ensuite (private br)! =)

went down a while to meet Eze and Gy. Talked about my HK planning - left with the Lamma, Shenzhen and Macau portions to plan!

i saw a missed call when i came back. She called... but too late to return that call.

before signing off, wenqun and ting - this is for both of you gambling couple!!! =x remember to watch till the end!

and for your indian slang.

here's MORE of the indian parody if any peeps want. My eyes are tearing... omg -.-"

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