Sunday, August 26, 2007

window shopping and AHM

yes, as foreseen earlier i decided not to go for AHM just now. But i woke up earlier planning to go down to Marina to find them. But i ended up reading the STI and forums, in the end when they finished running i was only on the bus to Woodlands Interchange. =x

i'm still telling myself to work on my fitness... let's see.

training programme for 2 months
Sunday night: ~4km
Monday night: weights, 3 sets of 10
Wednesday night: ~4km
Thursday night: weights, 3 sets of 10

this training programme shall start tomorrow. I hope will see this thru. And my IPPT window is closing in less than 3 mths time... die liao.

saturday was out with JY to shop for a portable hard disk. I'm always the late guy, so this wasn't an exception. Such a poor image i'm projecting... hiak.

we decided that DIY is quite a hassle, so went for the ready made ones. Remembered reading that Seagate's FreeAgent Go comes with the useful Ceedo software, so recommended that for her. At least it's better than the glossy surface of the WD Passport that is really prone to even minute scratches.

after that was dining at Thaiexpress, then met her friends Yuhui and Suzhen (spelt it right?). Really didn't go shop for a long time, especially gals' fashion... Zara's prices were rather expensive! It's like a big fraction of my allowance =x

there was so much to talk... about so many things! The only problem was my nagging headache.. and her flu. I didn't tell her about the headache though. Went home, took my medicine and was in bed soon.

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