Saturday, August 25, 2007

visit to NUS PGPR, ingrown toenails - ouch!

the team mates all left early due to commitments, and Kelvin and i had to stay back to help Wang Yu convert his Lenovo to Windows XP. Of course the typical 'say-or-suggest' was so easy, in the end we spent 2hrs+ to download hardware drivers and get the OS working well -.-

Wang Yu suggested going to Prince George's Park Residence (PGPR) for a meal, so off we went. I was rather interested to have a look at PGPR, because the accom is so condo-like from the outside, just without some perks. Nearly died of shock when Wang Yu told me there are about 30 blocks in total - the NUS statistic listed 2854 single rooms. 10% are airconditioned with private bathrooms ($110/wk), 20% with basins ($65/wk), and the rest with only communal bathrooms and kitchens ($60/wk).

Looks class huh?

The sign in green is NANYANG SUPERMARKET! -.-"

Nice facade facing the sports facilities

Kelvin and Wang Yu

from what i gathered from my friends, PGP is less social-friendly compared to Hall life. One even said, upon reaching the place most just shut themselves in the room and don't talk to their neighbours. Suspicious glances can be even exchanged! This is quite a far cry from other experiences such as the orgasm sounds made by couples as they make out in their rooms, the need for 18 pack condoms... etc. zzzz.

nvm... back to toenail topic.

i have a problem of ingrown toenails since donno when.

if you want to continue reading my gross way of removal, read on.

there's always the edge where the nail grows in, then it's difficult to remove using the nail clipper - i use a metallic ear-digger's rounded end to pry the offending edge out, then using the clipper to pull that end off my nail.

still remember almost 5 years ago in Cambodia (YEP trip), i forgot to bring the ear-digger along. Then my ingrown toe became so painful because i couldn't easily remove the offending edge. Plus the daily walking, it was real bad. Then while playing basketball in sandals someone stepped and grazed on that toe, causing it to bleed profusely! And it caused an infection and the doctor suggested me to surgically remove the nail back in Singapore. OUCH! I diedie didn't want, and carefully washed my toe and attempted to cut away the infected nail. Since then, i paid more attention to this problem.

recently with my busy schedule, i forgot to trim my toenails. When i used the digger on the nail, it was so painful i had to keep prying and prying. Luckily the nail's edge came off, pulling some skin along - excruciating pain.

i'm sorry if my removal method put you off =x

SMRT has invited me as a Friend of SMRT to preview a new feature on the trains - i'm guessing it's very close to what Hong Kong's MTR is offering on their trains; A system map at every door, where every station is indicated with a LED (next station or transfer point). I hope SMRT can do better.

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