Wednesday, August 29, 2007

sch's busy

i don't want, but it's so darn necessary to stay in sch to do my work. Together with trying to keep the CS3214 team working well i'm getting stressed. I'm grouping with a group of 07 freshies for CS2250, which can spell disaster if they decide to extend their honeymoon season or work on the major assignment online. No joke guys, if you're reading....

you know you're still in honeymoon if everyone around you seems to be slacking. Still water runs VERY deep, especially in the campus.

a straw poll done last year found some of my friends change their words in just 1 semester. Especially the poly batch. From the really energetic and pompous "oh i will do it i will aim a CAP of 4 or 4.5" to the lethargic "argh if i can just get by i'll be thankful"... the feelings just get drawn along these lines as time passes by.

it's only week 3 and the load is like -.-. The nonsense will get worse all the way to late Nov.

zmzm... get the degree and that's it. No more studies... unless my close ones give me the support (read: $).

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