Tuesday, July 24, 2007

stay at nyp apartment

so i "checked in" to my temporary home at blk 170 on sunday morning.

however i had to make trips back to office to retrieve stuff like paper, facial cleanser etc. There was another China visit in my block, thus the lighting etc were turned on by Mervyn. I accidentally bumped into Principal on my 2nd trip to office =x i was as timid as a mouse, opened the door and scurried off.

This is the living room. BIG!

ONE of the bedrooms. There are 2 bedrooms in each 2nd floor unit, 3 otherwise


2nd floor, but view is already good

besides handling checkouts for my Oracle guests, sunday was the day i watched television the most. it's probably the amount of time spent in a typical month! Other than that, i completed updating my Portfolio's CPU database. Lunch was a quick one at Blk 505.

dinner was with SI platoon mates, at Yuki Yaki. It's fairly nice, except i overpaid because i didn't really eat much. The DIY ice cream was ok too, but $5 more per pax! Anyway it was a good opportunity to catch up with friends such as Dan, Daniel, Nelson, Jason, etc.

decided to return to the apartment to stay for the night, since it's almost functional as a typical hotel room. It ended up quite bad as i slept on the sofa, which was sooo hard. I watched a creepy show on Ch 8 too, which added on to the eerie feeling in the unit.

but the overall experience was great, minus the self scare.

monday was spent on clearing the function hall used for the Saturday's closing ceremony, restoring the NYP Lounge, movement of furniture, etc. Bought a mobile processor at $260, for my server upgrade. Heartpain arr.....

The newest processor i'm adding into my stable of chips

with this addition, i have a Celeron M 350J (1.3GHz), Pentium M 725 (1.6GHz), 730 (1.6GHz), Core 2 Duo T7200 (2.0GHz). When overclocked, these demons eat many older processors, including Pentium 4s, for lunch and dinner.

i'm on my way to running a Intel museum with many more Pentium 3 keychains in my store. However, no Pentium 4 chips as it's crap. I'm selling off the P4 2.8C chip i got earlier.

JY, jiayou ba! :)

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