Thursday, July 26, 2007

i'm featured!

tuesday was the day where i FINALLY treated some of my colleagues to a simple KFC/PizzaHut delivery meal. If you're not aware why i used FINALLY, i was thinking of the treat since November 2006 =x

was sian 0.5 as i had to buy the drinks myself, plus the ice. It's alright now :)

after the meal, i helped Sabrina out with building a master clone for the Fortify training on wednesday. Like what she said, i'm feeling pretty high from building clones for almost everything i can reach my hands on since Oracle training.

wednesday was the day where my manager treated all of us to a meal @ Sakura (Northpoint's Vietnam cuisine). Besides a goodwill gesture for the amount of help rendered during the Oracle training, it was also to treat Reyas as he is leaving NYP soon.

after the meal, i've started building another base clone for the workstation model (Compaq D510 convertible) that's going to be installed in my lab soon (december 07). Have changed the helpdesk workstation, since it has been there since god knows when (it was a archaic P3-800MHz) to a rather new-old IBM ThinkCentre. Also, started to prepare a HP xw4200 for the tok-kong Epson printer since even a Pentium 4 2.4GHz can't handle a simple A1 print job.

by now, you may find that both days seemed similar. My manager hinted me to give another treat (!!!). Will the same scenario happen on Friday? Will my pocket suffer another good squeeze?

some auxiliary matters; i also had the odd luck of seeing odd couples in the train. Tuesday was a gay couple arguing until Admiralty. Just now was a normal couple, except that the lady looked very much like a male. Her chest was almost flat, facial features more like a man. Aw...... =x

so what is the main topic for today? I'm featured by one of the Oracle guests in his photoblog!

Me acting in front of my digital DVR, plus San San from Vcampus

i want to reclaim my stationary items from San San. Paying a visit to CPF Building soon. rawrrrrrrr.

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