Thursday, May 10, 2007

ultra problematic

What a day today! These events happened to me:

- *RING RING RING* "hello, is this the helpdesk"? I don't mind normally, but i was dead asleep at home. Once again... my colleague didn't cancel the call divert in the morning. sigh.

- Opened 2 more labs for lecturers. Okay never mind, customer service. Had to arrange all the chairs and turn off all the monitors *again* after the classes ended.

- *RING RING RING* "er helpdesk, Internet down. My students need the Net to do their lab." This is the most catastrophic for tonight's duty. How can the other department do their *unannounced* testing when there are classes scheduled throughout NYP? And why these kind of unfortunate stuff ALWAYS happen on my shift?

- Two students gatecrashed into a SIDM studio to retrieve data, saying it's for 10 minutes only. But 10 minutes more at 9.40 PM? Okay, since my luck is down today, i just sighed and told them i'll wait.

Luckily i had my favourite tomyam fish soup before i started duty... otherwise it's a bad day through and through. Some lighter moments....

- Printed some posters for my manager today. Used my laptop to print because the desktop didn't have enough muscle for an A1 print job:

- My "study room" when i was mugging away in NYP:

- My Kingston slipper that I wore during those mugging nights. Made roaming around the block much easier... lol.

- Teddy is leaving.. sigh. Graham and Boon Wah left too. While my dream is to remain in NYP to teach after my undergraduate studies, why they have to leave when there's satisfaction from teaching students who came from their (same) path?

- A girl caught my eye today. Why? We often have eye contact before, but i always look away. But i like her eyes and hair! And both her friend and she were wearing the same colour, purple! Too bad, no name or pic. I also don't know her. So just say say only. :)

Okay, going home now! No, going to meet Eze and GY for kopi. hehe.


jha0 said...

Poor thing. But boh pian, customer is always right. lol. Anyway, I'm also one of those customers that keep giving the technician hell. muahaha

zhiming said...

I believe in customer service and being in the shoes of students la. Now the school has the Singapore Quality Class "mystery checks", i'm the least affected because i don't practice the habit of turning anyone away unless i have to.

It's good to grill us sometimes, but always be polite. We are army men, we know la. :)