Tuesday, May 8, 2007

went art friend for shopping

Woke up super duper late today... had lunch at CWP and then headed to Art Friend at Takashimaya. Long time never go...

- Nice stickies

- Nice woodies too!

- Finally found the mini ice cream sticks Jac was finding, at $4.05 for 250 pieces.

Happy with the purchase, went to Hong Kong Tourism Board at Suntec Tower 2. Didn't know it's so high up at level 34. Picked up the map that i needed to do my travelogue later on.

Then headed to Simlim Sq for my korean dinner... but ordered the kimchi soup that had tastes of 'dou jiang'... not very nice. Now back in office to burn CDs (again) and install my lamp:

The one at my computer table is still better, although it's hotter. This one cannot be flexed easily.

Now going through photos that Phua took at HK....

Travelogue coming soon

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