Monday, May 7, 2007

tiring day

My table, nice? It's my first SFF PC setup, with a lovely Dell 2407WFP. I think it's quite messy.....

Had a poor night. After surfing the net for casings, i thought i can happily sleep at 3am. Who knows my nose suddenly got stuck and just flowed and flowed until 5am! Must be the aircon...

Anyway woke up rather late, around 12pm. Took my new lamp and shelving to office, then tapao some food from the new foodcourt, Koufu! Maybe it's the first day, so the stall owners seem to be so flustered. Even the auntie at the washing area dropped a whole lot of bowls!

BUT the saddest thing is, no more post-mix Seasons Ice Lemon tea! :(

Then michelle asked me help her buy crayons.. it's like back to primary school again seeing the crayons. Also bought root beer and chips to go with my lunch. The next part of the afternoon was spent on burning CDs... burn and burn argh. Then night shift came, and found some students smoking in the toilet. I'm not a smoker, so i cannot understand their reasons for wasting their freaking health (and money) away. sigh

Anyway here's my renovated office layout:
- My smallish table, cramped with 2x 18 inchers

- Behind me, 2 more black IBMs for CD burning

No time for setting up the office lamp. Argh...

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