Sunday, May 6, 2007

first blog, first post

HI everyone, it's the first time of my life (sadly) to have created a blog.

Why did i create this blog? I hope that it serves as memories when i grow old, have dementia *choy*, or simply for everyone to know what i'm doing now. I'm also rather lonely, no one to complain to. so... resort to this means.

= backdate to saturday =
Today is a special day, because my exams ended yesterday! MA1505 was a killer, i look forward to retaking it next sem =x

I spent yesterday's night in office, trying to clear the mess on the table (and in the room). i happily took over the MSDNAA cd burning duty from phua, and inherited 3 P4 3.0GHz PCs! i also created some space for my laptop to park when it's idle. the only problem is that my table is even more cramped now. photos when i get back to office.

Started this morning with a visit to Rebecca's place, a friend of Meijun! What came as a pleasant surprise was Meijun coming over... have not seen her for a loooong time.. guess my close friends will understand what happened. Anyway i upgraded her Internet connection to 1500k, plus adding in a Linksys WRT54GL router. The latter costs slightly more, however it is good stuff. I made a booboo when i read her password wrongly, causing a 30 minute operation into a 1.5hr operation. sigh... guess exams had its toll on me.

Next, went for ljs with the 2 gals and parted ways. The usual me took the longer loop to Bugis, via bus 960. And predictably i fell asleep and overshot the Tekka Mall bus stop. Nvm, stopped at BJ and went to Waterloo St to pray. At Simlim, the DDR2 pricing is still good, at $60/GB. It's so damn cheap especially when i bought 1GB for 3x the price barely half a year ago. Besides that, looked at some nice products (such as the Samsung line of keyboard and mouse, which were only found in HK months back) and went to Funan for further price comparisons.

Dinner was settled at Ajisen, then headed to Ikea to shop for lamps for my computer and office table. Boarded Sv 33 opposite MICA building, after a looong wait.

The bus was rather special (SBS 2832D), it's a Singtel musicVibes bus with nice decors and music. However the bus was shaking a fair bit as the suspension kept changing (for those who don't know, it's the 'gas' that adjust the height on many SBS buses when the bus stops). Blur enough, i stopped earlier at some place called Dawson and thought i was lost. Took 10 minutes to connect to SBS Transit's iris and still NO help! By then Sv 33 came already, and wasted GPRS on that iris system.

At Ikea I happily snapped up 2 lamps plus a DIY cupboard at a pricey $70. Lugged the bags home via Sv 963, then Wenqun came over to fetch me back 211 for kopi. Crapped over investments and gals... as usual.

Hope i can post as much as today after this post. lol

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