Friday, May 11, 2007

fixing the blog widgets and chilling out

Was trying to beautify my blog, by adding a tagboard and some misc stuff.

BUT the "Add Page Element" thingy is missing! And all my home computers have this problem regardless of browsers! Only my office PC and laptop (connected via NYP LAN) are ok. Gave up and slept.

Around noon, Wenqun came to pick me up to meet up with Hadassah (my IFA). Actually, she sent me some mementos from Taiwan. Here it is (next 2 photos taken by my bro):

Poor Wenqun, slept only from 11-12pm, just before he came. As he had already made some personal planning prior the discussion, he had to consider some proposals put forward. Better than me... haha. We had a late lunch at Simlim Sq foodcourt before he left to meet Gil while i went back to NYP to take my laptop.

Met Kay, Simon and JH for dinner at MS... it's the first time i dined at fin. And we waited darn long... in the meanwhile we chatted with the owner's friend (a real estate agent) and looked at how the staff created space for a group of 20-30 SMU diners. In the end, the owner gave us a redemption card each for the extra wait. Not bad!

Had the usual coffee session at PCC (er... not that PCC):

Gay said i put on weight. Got meh?!

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