Saturday, May 12, 2007

lunch, shop and roam

Went out for lunch with Andrew, Jac and Vicky at MS. As usual we waited quite long for Andrew, but the ride in his Kia was comfy... when can i get my own set of wheels? But it's hard to balance financial stability nowadays. Throughout the ride i was having fun (and a bit of stress myself) guiding him around town. oops.

At CA vicky ordered an extra seafood basket, which was rather ok. However it turned out that my stingray was too filling, Jac's baked rice too oily, you get the drift. The seafood basket was too much for us to finish. Overall the meal was nice IMO.

Poor Andrew, his mood changed because he had a quarrel with his girlfriend. But the most comforting sentence he said was he still loves her. Great!... love overcomes all odds. Don't ever give up something, especially because of pride.. it isn't worth it.

He had to go to settle some work issue, so i went with the girls to shop in Bugis Street. Jac bought a Puma bag, after much consideration. Actually wanted her to walk around somemore, but it was too warm in there. Then we roamed around Bugis Junction, and went for dessert at Ah Chew since we weren't really hungry. We had these:

The first one from the left was "Mango Sago with Pomelo". Recommended Jac the best offering from Ah Chew lah. I tried the "HK Iced Red Bean", not too bad. ThaiExpress' tasted sweeter. Vicky drank Peanuts, which looked really potent from the picture.

While roaming around, we came across Peilin! We thought she was not until we got closer. haha...

We actually managed to wander from Bugis to Suntec, then Esplanade. Talked quite a fair bit, and all of our legs were aching. Soon we left for home.

I received a wedding dinner invitation from Kuanfu, one of my friends from DBI and CS now. Pansy is also throwing her wedding dinner in July! Oh my... feeling happy for them. When can i walk down the same aisle with my loved one?

So tired. zzz.

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