Monday, May 14, 2007

shopping for flowers and comp parts

Quite a good day out with Jac and Moses. Woke up kinda early, then met Jac to go to Thomson to shop for "Blue Roses" for her mummy. So it took us a train and Sv 851 to reach that area... and couldn't find any except for dummy ones! We searched Far East, Spa, Hawaii, Goodwood, Candy but all didn't have. In the end she decided on an orange Hibiscus plant that i carried back.

- The chilled room that we went in to escape the heat and rain. I think it's around 10-15 degrees.

- Extra cookies i requested from her... haha

Next, waited for Moses to pick me up for some shopping at Simlim. Finally sat in his Mazda 3, which didn't look like a year old. Off we went, and bought the following stuff within an hour. It was very fast although i didn't prep a budget for him, and we had to order from Fuwell the Centurion 541 i recommended for the config.

- Asus P5B-VM mATX board, with Core 2 Duo E6420 (2.13GHz) and 2GB DDR2-667 RAMs (around $615)

- Leadtek WF 8600GT and CM RealPower 550W (around $370)

- Asus DVD-ROM (SATA) plus my favourite Western Digital HDD

If any peeps wants to buy HDDs, it must be Western Digital because i recommend it. Have deployed 20+ of them since 2001 and there's no failure rate (yet).

Ended the night with dinner at Sakae and having a cake bought by my sis.


Just read about the TNP article on the teenager beating up a SBST driver. My comments -

- He is a HCI student, but this is not the bone i'm picking. He had the guts to attack the driver who was doing his work, and his father had to mop up the mess for him... incredible.

I remember a time when i was in Sec 3, and chalked up Internet bills that i couldn't pay. My father looked at me and called me a 败家子. His words shook me... and i aimed for financial independence as soon as i started working during poly years. And needlessly said, i thanked him for making me realise many many important virtues of living.

If i'm his father, i'll probably send him a tight slap for wasting 17 good years of money and sweat to see a son beating up another person.

- He is supposed to carry the name of his school appropriately, and be a gentleman. Did he remember 君子动口不动手? There is a fatal flaw in his personal upbringing here.

- No matter how the driver had put his point across and whether he hated it, it's out of proportion to use force.

- Violence is increasing on public (and private, look at road rage) transport. It is hardly impermissible in such a trend, and the law must be weighed fully on this teenager if he has indeed twisted facts after the incident. Whether the school wants to expel this student is their own ball game.

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