Friday, July 27, 2007

new blogskin, and omg. Hebe!

spent 2hrs on finding a new blogskin, because the simple black one has been with me for close to 3 months. Not that i'm tired of it (maybe i am, because my iRiver and U600 are Mr Whites), but someone's blog is also using the same thing. NooOooo!!!

as i started blogging with Blogger 2.0, i'm in touch with the concept with the xml based widgets (and their powerful functionality). However that meant i have no knowledge of how the old Blogger templates worked, thus i tried to use older templates for my blog. Nearly lost my beloved widgets =x

luckily Google helped me out, and found a couple of widget/xml skins from FinalSense and BlogCrowds. I liked the fleur background more than the butterflies, thus adapted it into the FinalSense template. Some fellow blogger advice also gave me some preparation for the transition. However, the toughest part is changing the fonts and their sizes to suit me. 1.5hrs on that - 4am!

so as a result, i woke up late even for lunch. Luckily Jac was quite easy on it. I'm behind you, hope you get your necklace (or $24) back! :)

and JY! Too soft hearted la. Vicky, hold more confiding sessions for her! =x

now, some pictures of my deeds yesterday.

after 5-7 years on the Helpdesk counter, it's time to make way for...

this! A spanking new IBM 19 incher complete with a P4 3.0GHz lean and mean ThinkCentre!

i've changed the Epson printer's PC too. Named it "Publication", because it's supposed to print out nice stuff.

the Helpdesk PC for students' use is also gone. Swapped in a faster P4, hope the problem of looooong logins will be gone for good. I'm going to name it "Consultation" tomorrow. muahahaa.

my office's desktop is called "Ambition". What should i name my laptop as? Hmm.... Motion? Unstationary? Progression? lolz.

here's a parting shot of my favourite song, and Hebe. She really rocks. I'm in love with her.

ps: however, i'm sad for the ending. How can the guy do that.... reminded of my past. It's over anyway, zm =)

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