Saturday, July 28, 2007

sick :(

the stupid flu on thursday was a warning sign. Heck, i didn't really care about it. When i woke up with a coarse throat on friday, that was it.

although i enjoyed the tomyam soup, fried wings and chilli kangkong from ThaiExpress yesterday, i was a dead man after that. Even HK say i pua beh liao =x

enjoying my new diet - strepsils, painkiller for my headache, flu meddy. SONG BO!!!

ps: Reyas, thanks for being my colleague and classmate for the past year and 8 months. What you told me may be quite a heartpain to hear, but you've made the first move to be truly marketable in the working society. Sure, the civil service might be paying you nicely, but there is a dependency on it after some time. One of the strategic HRM quotes - focus on your employability, not employment security in the new paradigm.

Cheers and take care in your new job.

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