Sunday, July 29, 2007

ndp preview

although i was sick, i went to city to look for a keyboard replacement.

my old keyboard had the same problem for the 2nd time. Gave up...!

The ENTER key gave way again.zzzz

my shortlisted replacement is Microsoft Reclusa, which is a gaming keyboard. However i'm more interested in the backlit keys...

Expensive pricetag of $119

nope, i was not very convinced to buy due to the pricetag. Wait for a few more days before deciding.

had a quick dinner at Food Junction (Funan), then walked to Esplanade hoping to catch the fireworks.

That's the best view i can get

The starfishes floating in from Clifford area

Fireworks atop buildings! UOB, NTUC Income and one more

Began at around 8.08pm

Too smoky la.

I thought it was over. 2 minutes later, another boom!

it's odd that the fireworks were fired from the same spot (it seemed). There wasn't any variation, such as lower tiered shoots across the landscape. The end result was a very smoky sky, which even obscured some portions of the fireworks.

then i planned to take 960 home, to test out on the frequency. As expected, it took 27 minutes for a bus to appear. This is unacceptable... so i wrote in to feedback. If SMRT Buses don't improve the frequency, it's time to suggest SBST take over key trunk routes such as 61, 106, 190 and 960.

even the train frequency sucks because they want to save cost. Vote PAP next season? Over my dead body unless MOT restructures SMRT Corp.

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