Saturday, July 21, 2007

oracle's closing ceremony

the event finally ended few hours ago. The constant network congestion didn't manifest today because of the lower traffic.... however the aircon was terrible. As usual the campus is very aggressive in energy conservation.

however there is a problem - no one was assigned to handle checkouts for the participants, even the organisers tried to shirk their responsibility off. So manager spent a great deal of time trying to persuade the organisers, Oracle, security guards to provide a personnel to do it. No deal! So i suggested myself to do the job, with a sum requested though. Another reason was i wanted to try out the apartments, since i've not seen it before.

so, i'm reporting for work tomorrow. At the apartments, blk 170.

Morning's teabreak - what a spread

Donuts too

YUM! Look at the strawberries!

The closing ceremony at Theatre for the Arts

More wonders here



Manager drove me down town, then i took a train to VivoCity's Citibank to collect my Clear Card. By now, most of the young would have heard of this.

The Citi Clear Card

The amount of vouchers - i can get my SE-DS980 soon!

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