Saturday, July 14, 2007

hectic week

finally, the week is coming to a close!

let me recap internally, what happened since monday. My manager tasked me to technically support an Oracle training from 16-21 July. Reason being, it was a commercial deal so she got a part-timer to support, instead of a full-time staff.

So i was working overtime to build master clones for 2 labs, which has 75 workstations, spread over 3 HP workstation models. Also cleared off the furniture and workstations in a meeting room, since the organisers wanted that for tea breaks.

finally i had the opportunity to learn the operation of the NYP Lounge with excellent support from Estate Mgmt plus the young men from my side... lolz. Not to mention the pretty gal from the organising company, Melissa who went around hanging signages while we carried the 1-ton cast iron signage holders... grrr.

the labs are almost ready for action! Even the LCD screens were carefully wiped to remove finger prints. Good customer service and got to make it my best since i'm doing it the first time =)

i also took out 3 tiles from my office for burnishing, since it was sooooo dirty. The cleaners kindly helped me with it, thanks to them!

See the dirt. awww

Clean! And shiny!

however, i'm already shifting 50% of my stuff out to another room in the staff area, since it's more conducive for working (and maybe studying). Friday evening was spent on stacking up the mess.

i nearly got hurt while stacking 5 LCD monitors up on a shelf. The metal shelf collapsed, causing all of them to rain downwards on me. Ouch. Hope i didn't sustain internal brain damage... and i should get an extra SAF helmet just in case =x

celeste has some problems with her team, hope she can focus on her portion and finish them. No point fighting fire or burning bridges when the term is coming to a close. Jac is busy with her Flash... figuring out how to do. Sorry i can't help, since i learnt only Flash 4. I still remember her words, 咚一块就有答案. I didn't know i became a toy machine sia, wah lau -.-

it's time to relaxx!

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