Thursday, July 12, 2007

work, work and work

i have to apologise for the lack of any new entries, because i'm simply too entrenched in work.

oracle training is held next week, and i'm put in charge of such an event for the first time. Although it sounds simple to some (just clone, sit by and relax? ya right), i actually had the first try on building my own clone images. Along with the need to learn additional stuff such as the AV equipment, print posters, check cleanliness, hunt down faulty computers, my time is now quite very constricted.

and it doesn't help when i have to shift my helpdesk duties next week away, causing some mayhem now.

the amount of extra time put in is now enough to pay myself another month of allowance! Incredible! How to clear them?!

Minteck and Michelle came to talk to students to advertise SMU, and the turnout was good. I personally found the etiquette training interesting, and apart from that opportunities are brighter, since the intake is smaller.

for NUS, it's hard looking for some prestigious companies to do internship in, since the pie is fought by so many people. The same goes for overseas learning, under the NUS SEP and NOC programmes.

what's more important is the drive (which i'm seriously lacking), plus a bit of skill and luck (to avoid being crushed by the infamous bell curve). Of course, the x-factor to make friends and Profs like YOU!

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