Sunday, July 8, 2007

congrats, pansy!

... and your hubby Yeng Hwee! It was my pleasure to attend your wedding dinner at Sheraton. We enjoyed the multimedia presentation!

i acquired the title of the great eater for the table, as my appetite was really good. Strangely, i don't really eat that much outside (i hate buffets =x)

Please, 早生贵子!

apart from Yuqin, Teck and Teddy, Reyas also came by! However, the muslim food wasn't really that great for him.

Reyas and Teddy

Yuqin and Teck

The star of the night!

nypians, there will be a further education talk by my old classmate Jeff Hong (Teck) this coming 11 July. He is from SMU's School of Information Systems, and is speaking to current SIT students to advertise his school and bachelor programmes. Time and place? 3pm at LTL-3. Please attend if you are interested in further studies!

i will be there to find out more on my competitor, too. *grin*

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Hong said...

WOW.. thanks for the ad.. =D

zhiming said...

no probs! i shall try to get more peeps