Saturday, July 7, 2007

changing blog layout

i'm trying hard to be a little more creative; going to get my brother to get a nice titlebar picture for me.

where can i find nice sunrises and sunsets?

removed the musicbox because i thought it didn't really fit into my blog.

added a link to Sharon Au's blog! I misssed her!

i'm now so free, that i activated my scanner to help me retrieve my times in 2005 =x

NDP2005 was one of the once-every-5-years national celebrations. Not many are aware that NDPs are of the largest scale every 5 year period -

- Main celebration at Padang.
- Satellite celebrations at 3 heartlands (JE, Yishun, Tampines)
- Carnival lasting 9 days at Marina South
- Auxiliary displays such as the Mobile Column and Float Displays
- Support from STB and Unusual Productions in Uniquely Singapore events, such as Singapore Fireworks Festival (SFF)

thus, the Army's 3rd Division will always undertake the organising efforts every 5 years, as it's the largest combined arms division and has sufficient manpower to take on the enormous events.

in terms of scale and coordination, there aren't much similar NDPs that are comparable. But the man in the street will probably remember only the poor location of Padang (and choice of lead singer Rui-En and Taufik), and the fireworks display, that's all!

NDP2007 is probably special due to the new Bay venue, some water-based stunts and alterations to the Show segment. There have been so far only 2 media briefs since June, so information is quite scarce. Other than that, we'll see on the actual day :)

This is the commemorative book for the organisers who lost their family time for 8-10 months

She really looked good in the red white combo! And the VW bettle! =o

Not forgetting my boss which deserves to be a role model for all men, whether in service or not.

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