Friday, July 6, 2007

travel planning progress

i thought it would be good to update peeps of my travel planning this coming Dec.

my gay friend HK has secured a best price from SIA of $492 to HK! HK != HK! I applied for Krisflyer miles too, however was too dumb to apply after the booking. So i lost a good number of miles =(

my outgoing flight is SQ860, leaving Singapore on B777-300 on 181207 0830 hrs. My incoming flight is SQ865, leaving HK on B747-400 on 271207 1830 hrs. Sweet! Cos i've taken only Airbuses before. Also, i get to avoid the midnight surcharge, and can take 858 back home if my luggage is not overloaded =x

i like SIA, because i was quite impressed with their booking system. It allowed me to choose my seating number and the makan.

SQ860 layout

SQ865 layout

i'm coming out with a rough itinerary in the coming week. The first 3 days will be straight off to Macau, perhaps Shenzhen in between the remaining 7 days. Shanghai wasn't possible via rail, because of the 50hrs travel time and the HKD1000 price tag.

i'm taking the hostel route this time, because of budget limitations.

to the pair of lovebirds who is thinking of coming along, let's quickly work out something! It will be good to have a night's out there during Xmas! *grin*

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