Friday, July 6, 2007

dinner with SLSS friends

i found myself over-reading HWZ forums last night, and slept till 11 plus. In the end, had to rush to school by cab to meet Celeste for lunch. Didn't want to be late since i had already promised her the time.

thought i could start working on my master clones, however i went around settling my own paper work till 5pm =x I shifted my desk duties around until everyone got confused and had to print out a fresh schedule.

met Wenqun earlier at 6pm to register for Singapore Bay Run 2007. However, he coincidentally met someone at CWP so she joined WQ himself, GY and his gal and me (duh). Finally i was enlightened on how to take the samsui chicken at Soup Restaurant; by wrapping a chicken slice and ginger in a layer of lettuce.

3 guys signed up for 21km this coming August. I hope Ocean's 14 will be released by then. There're only 1 (or 2) readers that will get what i meant by the sentence.

Blardy hell, asked me to sit at the rear.

on a happy note, my heartfelt congratulations to Pansy and her hubby for tying the knot tomorrow, 070707 (not forgetting another pair that are my blog readers).


sec_ppl said...

bugger!! haha yes pull up that dropping jaw of urs! Tot u wanted to take the "Mercs" instead of the limo. =p

I'm very keen and curious abt the latest "developments". I should tune in more often to ur blogs~
cheerx dude!

zhiming said...

yeah, i wanted my limo! my limo on bus 903, with huge aircon blowers!

then i was bundled into that small corner instead *argh*

i have to be careful, cos' this blog has a high viewership but no idea who is viewing!! =x