Friday, July 6, 2007

hardwarezone forums

although i'm a forum member for 7.5 years with Hardwarezone, i read with interest certain forum postings, because occasionally there are a couple of posters who really take things seriously.

yes, HWZ had in the past PhilipTeo who helped teenagers (now adults) defend themselves against a defamation lawsuit from Sim Lim Square's Video Pro. That was in good faith and many of us welcomed that.

however, if the only purpose is to create trouble, then i rather these posters take on more constructive hobbies.

take lowjk, for an example. He simply replied rather sarcastically in response to a thread starter's question (whether a sensitive nose case can be downgraded) by telling him to get a posting at a chemical defence unit, where air is filtered via a personal gas mask.

after a few postings, tth_ben couldn't take it anymore. When lowjk wanted him to apologise for a potentially defaming statement, the former shot off a long (and confusing) post, mentioning lowjk's actual name. He initially appeared to be apologetic if lowjk made the initial statement in jest. But then he continued a whole lot, even mentioning about medical ethics. If i read between the lines carefully, tth_ben is thinking of complaining to Singapore Medical Council.

ps: the actual name has been removed. Potential lawsuit?

now here's the nugget.

  • Did lowjk used his actual identity (he's a doctor) to make the posting, no?
  • Is tth_ben morally ethical to gain an upper hand in the thread, by revealing lowjk's real name, and even mentioning SMC in his post?
i was flamed by tth_ben before. I have to praise his impeccable English, however 99% of the readers didn't understand all the bees and flowers that decorated every sentence of his. I gave up simply i didn't have time and energy to respond to a keyboard warrior, as what EDMWers say.

i also wonder what his real occupation is, since he had such time to read, reply, and oh dig up personal information as though he's a PI. If he's an academic aiming for a PhD (from his English, it would be a waste if not), then why has he not showed off any of his works proudly?

i fear for my personal information - tth_ben if i happen to step on your toes again, don't use my blog against me ok? If you do use any information, i've to check whether any legal action can be done for that!

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