Sunday, July 15, 2007

shopping at simlim, dinner

after sat's half day work, i rushed home to wash up and be ready before 2pm. So Wenqun can pick me up in time to go down simlim. However he was at someone's place, and needed 20 mins more. So i waited and spent my time logging into Blogger, and typed out the previous post! However, they called me only when they reached my kopitiam and finished eating.... 20+15 mins later. Don't worry dudes! I'm very forgiving! =x

and his good friend wanted to buy a brand-name desktop, which I readily suggested Acer Aspire L320. The other choice was HP Pavilion s3100, but the specifications were poorer at the same price, except for the additional discrete graphics processor. Great; i helped to haggle for an additional AIO inkjet and after a round of checking, the deal was done at PA Mart.

dessert was at Ice Monster! However it wasn't as good as HK's 许留山. I've not tried the latter, but it has already been earmarked in my itinerary as a daily dessert :D

Wenqun being the really nice guy, drove his good friend to Vivo for the latter's class gathering, and we went for our guy talk at HBF's Sakae. Then chitchat at 211, plus some quick introduction to the kopi gang.

That loli costs $25 for the record

Ocean's 14 may be released earlier. Watch this space as this is the definitive broadcast center.

sometimes people were too absorbed into something, such as a paper or career ladder chase, that everything else is superficial. I have been there, and is unlikely to make such a sacrifice again.

too much of anything is always not healthy.

drinking is never a tool to solve problems. Stare at yourself in the mirror. Drink for what fuck? The problems become even deeply entrenched that it murders your good old self, and affects one's ability to tell right or wrong. I've been there too, and the cost of the drinks were already excruciating at 211 kopitiam, more so if i add any cover charges.

nothing to comment on asking for perfection, since it's not my life too. However, why try to run others' lives the same way you run yours? Satisfaction from keeping yourself happy, while happiness of others wrecked?

not sure. I'm not in a position to say too much since i'm already being judged in a negative light since that painful mistake.

there's one thing i'm sure though. Time will tell everything.


Ginger said...

What's with the Oceans fourteen?? I thought they juz had thirteen??

zhiming said...

Yeah. Somebody just created 14th. I discovered it at mos burger then.

There was a preview held yesterday at the kopitiam.

Next is a premiere. Followed by the actual revelation.

I seem to be talking nonsense hor... ahahaha

Little Miss Sunshine said...

lolz..I got it ;)