Tuesday, July 17, 2007

packed monday, with blues

usually a monday is normally called monday blues, but today i had no time to even call it blue.

reached NYP at 7am, then proceeded to get the Lounge equipment fully charged. Ran up to 2 labs and finished up the cloning work i left over last Saturday. Got abit panicky when the clock read 7.35am, then ran down to my temporary room, picked up my equipment and ran to the Lounge at Blk A. And gee, my manager was already there. oops.

the AV setup was fine, in fact no hiccups occurred. The opening ceremony went on successfully, and the participants (many from India, China) walked over to Blk L for their lab-based lessons. The workstation requirement was pretty simple, thus there wasn't any trouble. More trouble came from the administrative office, where the pretty ladies kept coming over to print this, print that, photocopy this and that -.-"

lunch was also at the Lounge, and i had to accompany one of the ladies, SS to turn on the lights etc. Afternoon was pretty ok, except that the Internet was rather slow. Guest wireless access was also rushed through by Sunny, and this is a potential AAR topic!

evening was darn hectic. I was juggling my helpdesk duty with the banquet dinner at the Lounge. The bigwigs such as Oracle's boss and our school's Director also came. Luckily Choo was at the helpdesk to help me out till 7pm, thereafter i rushed like mad to close all unused rooms. Why? In case my Director comes in and ask why the lights, aircon, workstations are all on. I don't want to be answering for that given my clean record =x

some guys were smoking in the Level 5 handicap toilet. And one of them is related to Jac =x

i also saw that someone in a lecture room! Really... not bad. Can i get to know you?... haha

everything ended so late. And, no time to even shit or wash my face until 11pm. It's 7-11, 7am to 11pm... argh. On the way out i met some participants, and wow they went shopping at Mustafa! Really on for first time visitors... hehe.

hope tuesday will be better. I want to hide in my room.

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