Sunday, February 15, 2009

danga city mall

took off from work, went with vincent and melvin to the heavily advertised mall in JB via KTM rail. The mall is special because the existing track runs past it, so the authorities created a platform and allowed boarding/alighting. However, the mall has been there for at least 10 years. Originally called Plaza Best World, the entire mall was abandoned due to poor business. It is (still) in front of a busy flyover, that's the problem. No buses or taxis can easily stop there.

the mall itself is rather disappointing - the major tenant was Metrojaya, somewhat like our dept stores. More than 50% of the shops were unoccupied. In the end, we took a taxi to City Square and spent more time there.

Nicer tickets now

The same notice board

The very familiar platform

Free seating?


the railway station has much value to me. For about 14 years my parents took my siblings and me to Malaysia for our CNYs via rail. Used to cramp into the cabin, stand for 3-4 hours in the burning heat. The airconditioned cabins were available, but were going for a much higher price. Eventually we took coaches up after shifting to Woodlands, since it is faster and more comfortable. Anyway, past times were bad, finance was tight. Must appreciate the present.

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