Sunday, February 22, 2009

newbie to motoring (accident repair)

got a very value for money workshop to do up my bumper; Khek Joo Workshop nearby Tampines Safra. Brought my car down to let him assess the damages, got quoted $100 for panel beating and reinforcement of the bumper retention clips. Sent it in 2 days later, and got it back within the same day.

the repair is flawless, except for a spray mark at my fog light cover. Plus some invisible spray marks on my right headlight that felt rough during washing. Used my claybar on it, got them off too.

met up with AL for our detailing session; lasted 4 great hours into the owl night. I was somewhat faster than him, maybe wasn't too detailed at the procedures. He had to do extra stuff too; the polishing.

Was doing waxing, he was doing polishing i think

See the accident spot?

Hardworking on his jazz

Finished with wax, wiped off the haze


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