Saturday, February 14, 2009

newbie to motoring (accident)

very unfortunate to get into an accident just less than a month after getting the car. To make things short, i wasn't careful in multistory carpark, and had bumper-bumper collision with another car. Lucky the other party's damage was limited to his bumper, not his doors (if he braked later) or anything else. So we agreed to settle it privately without any claims through our insurers.

Accident spot

My bumper

Much cosmetic damage, protective bar beneath it was slightly bent too

His damage

the good thing was, the other party had no temper and was accommodating. On the other end, i was very kanchiong because it's my first encounter. Brought out my camera, took some photos like a cam-pimp and we quickly exchanged particulars. There was one red Accord driver who made his presence known by sounding his damn horn, but i treated him as a class lower than us. Really rude and maybe blind as well.

met up with him at his factory with WQ, got a quote for the repair works. Now looking around for mine too, unsure to just do up the bumper, or change the bumper and then do up.

it's time to list down the hazardous areas i encountered as a new driver so far... which driving schools or instructors don't really teach.

- turning: most people don't practise stopping at stop line, checking is dead important here

- carparks, especially HDB multistorey: Turning on headlights is not enough, need to horn or high beam if necessary. There can be cars or humans speeding or lurking around ramps.

- parking: don't reverse all the way in. Never know what's at the back that may crush your rear bumper or exhaust.

- expressway driving: filtering out, exit filter lanes

- blind spot: some big cars have blind spots, found that i can spot a motorbike or even a car beside my passenger doors, when my mirrors didn't show them.

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