Wednesday, November 19, 2008

updates, updates...

i don't have time for teevee now. But back in the good old days, i enjoyed those HK-import movies on Ch8 on saturday and sunday nights.

if you did the same as me, you should know him:

龙方 (Lung Fong)

remember him as the baddie in the shows he appeared? He passed away due to cancer.


ok now, my turn to update about myself.

have just finished all the projects. The major project was CS3266, which basically is a project about e-shopping site, ticket booking in particular. To be frank my partner and i started really late, so we had minimal expectations for this module. Our work is not fantastic nor eye-candy, but it works as it should (minus the bugs, hehe). The tough part of this project for me is not the coding, but more on the requirement that it must be hosted on SoC's development environment. So i had to upload the .war plus SQL scripts to the allocated zone and database servers, then make sure it works from there.

the war has not ended yet, because exams are arriving in less than a week. After the last paper, i foresee myself throwing things into my luggage and then fly off. No time to breathe!

i'm still thinking hard on my plans for 2009. Deliberating on major purchase decisions, which i have to give either 1 up. Will i get this sooner than i expect?

it's UNLIKELY to own this baby for now. But i love the rear!

how about City 2009? Actually 2008 edition is fine...except for the rear.

.... or my original choice?

EX 1.5?

besides my purchase decisions, how about my career plan? Take a sabbatical for 6-12 months before stepping out onto the workforce officially? Or take a shorter break? I just need some time to research on my purchases, take my language course.

i realised i'm no longer crazy on computer hardware. If you ask me to build a PC or troubleshoot problems i can do it professionally. But asking me to spend loads of money on things like hard drives, processors, motherboards is crazy, unless my computers break down - highly unlikely, since i have 101 pieces of spare parts enough to build 2-3 more computers.

in fact now, i feel sorry for people who spent $1000 on a piece of motherboard and processor (i was one of them though). There are people screaming at Intel Core i7 even though it costs at least $900 with motherboard, strangely i don't find myself inside that group.

anyway, i'm glad that i'm finally moving on to other things. Maybe this enthusiasm will be back after i'm done with the bigger things i want now.

things are just so uncertain now; the job market, my graduation date. Sigh...

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